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So what's this all about? As you cruise through these pages you'll learn a little about me and a little about some other interesting things along the way. My own passion lies in all things space including manned and unmanned exploration, rocketry, aviation and astronomy. I am currently working on several space-themed initiatives that I hope to provide more general information on soon.  Check the “Projects” page for the latest updates.

In my spare time I write for my
blog titled “The Conquest of Space”. There you will find my thoughts on topics related to the past and future of space exploration. In any given year I might write 12-15 in-depth articles and would love to write more, but each blog takes time to develop. I cover a wide range of topics and they are informative for both the space aficionado and the novice.  Visit my YouTube Channel for a vast collection of historic and hard to find NASA documentaries about the golden age of spaceflight.

Photography is one of my many interests. Capturing moments and places in time are important and my camera is always close at hand. You can find a large amount of my aviation and space photos posted on my Flickr page. I witnessed the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery on the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft as it left the Kennedy Space Center for its new home at the National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia. A bitterweet moment to see the shuttle fly for the last time, but an impressive sight to see the Discovery riding on the back of NASA's 747.

I have also photographed numerous launches at the Kennedy Space Center including the Space Shuttle launch of STS-120 from the NASA VIP area, the Space Shuttle launches of STS-117, STS-129, and STS-135,
the final flight of the Space Shuttle program STS-135 from the NASA causeway. I had the privilege to watch the landing of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on STS-118 and Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-133 as a guest of NASA at the Shuttle Landing Facility (Kennedy Space Center, Florida). I have photographed the Space Shuttle in numerous settings from the VAB to launch, landing, and their final destination in museums. Click on the Space Shuttle logo in the left nav to see the launch and landing pictures I have taken.

A few sites are deserving of special mention. Included on this are site are photos and history of
Launch Complex 34 / Pad-34 (site of the Apollo 1 tragedy), the Lunar Modules that were built and never flew, the Enterprise, America's First Space Shuttle, and Launch Complex 5 site of the launch of Alan Shepard and Freedom 7 that put America's first man in space. 

As for the rest, in my normal life I work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Charlotte, North Carolina as a Business Consulting Manager. You'll also find a few of my other interests on this site like photography, science fiction and history, my Z cars, and I've tossed in a lengthy page of links to all of my favorite sites. 

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