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You found me!  This little corner of the internet where you can find out about the interests of me, Mike O’Hara. 

The 1960’s was the “Golden Age” of manned spaceflight. Before smartphones, personal computers, and the internet, it was the idea of rockets, satellites, robotic probes, and sending humans into space that was THE technology that marveled young minds and caused fear in rival countries.

Like most kids born into that era where I wanted to be an astronaut, but no matter how old I get making it to space will always be my dream.

I keep the flame of space burning by writing for my blog titled ”The Conquest of Space”. There, you will find my thoughts on topics related to the past and future of space exploration. I cover a wide range of topics and they are informative for both the space aficionado and the novice.  I don’t blog as much there anymore now that I am starting to write my science fiction stories.

I enjoy writing and imagining a different world.  I just finished my first novel!

“Killing Time: The Story of Project Toten Zeit” is a science fiction work that combine two of my favorite subjects -- World War II history and science.  148,000 words and 387 pages!  I also write short science fictions stories inspired by those great sci-fi shows of the 60s like “The Twilight Zone” and “The Outer Limits” that I grew up watching. You can find those as ebooks on Amazon.

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Welcome to SpaceMike!